Rashelle has been creating unique custom tattoos for everyone 19+ since 2005.
Specializing in detail & renewing/fixing old tattoos, however not limited to one style whatsoever. She is capable of creating any style that suits your taste from vibrant colourful works of art, portraits, surrealism, watercolour, greyscale, to fine line black work and much more.
Experience with all skin tones, cover-ups, working over top of scars, bringing old work you once loved back to life, and helping you come up with that special design you have been thinking of for years.
One time use/disposable needles & grips,  providing you with top quality supplies, (vegan) inks, and the best of sanitary conditions.
Rashelle aims to give you a sense of comfort and trust throughout the process, listening to your concerns and providing you with the utmost professional service.

Rashelle has been a multimedia artist her entire life, tattooing just became another medium to master.
She loves to be apart of your personal moment creating something meaningful to carry with you to the grave.