Aftercare Info

**If you do not read these instructions, your tattoo is not guaranteed and therefore the touch ups policy becomes void!
I will quiz you on this information and know if you have read it or not! Please understand that this is for YOUR benefit.**

Remove the bandage that the tattoo artist applied after 2 – 6 hours (Depends on the size of your tattoo, how long the session was and time of day) – I will advise during our appt – I highly recommend wearing non-adherent gauze on your tattoo to bed for the first two nights or you will have an ink imprint on your bed sheets/PJs! This is also to prevent any bacteria or friction while your tattoo is fresh.

You may apply an ice pack with a clean paper towel wrapped around it for 10 minutes on, 15 off, then another 10-15 minutes on (repeat every couple of hours if necessary) for the first couple of days. This will drastically reduce the amount of swelling and healing time.

You will need to clean your tattoo with cool water (only use a very mild, unscented, dye-free soap) using your clean fingertips gently after you remove the bandage. If the bandage was left on for too long and has stuck to your tattoo, briefly soak the bandage in water, then gently and slowly remove the bandage.

Do not scrub the tattoo with a washcloth during the two-three week healing period. Always gently pat the tattoo dry with a clean soft cloth or just let it air dry.

Do not wear tight, rough, or restricting clothing over your tattoo during the healing period or it will irritate the tattoo and cause it to scab.

Do not soak your tattoo, i.e. bathing or swimming (DO NOT go in chlorinated water as it will completely pull out the ink – lake water is full of bacteria and you can get a severe infection!).
Short (10 minutes or less) cool water showers are best with no direct stream contact.

Stay out of the sun until the tattoo is completely healed (at least 3 weeks because the new tattoo will burn very quickly and could cause irritation and loss of colour/ink).
Sun over the years will only fade your tattoo, so it’s best and healthiest for you to stay away from UV Rays!
DO NOT apply sunblock before your tattoo is completely healed or it will suck out all the ink and could cause infection!
After your tattoo is healed you should always apply sun screen when getting sun exposure. This will keep your colour brighter for longer.

Avoid working out at the gym/cycling/excessive sweating of any kind during the healing period. Sweat and excessive movement to the tattooed area WILL irritate the tattoo. Wait two weeks (one week minimum) – it is worth saving your tattoo!

Do not apply any astringents, alcohol, peroxide or any healing astringents as they will only dry out your tattoo!
‘Tattoo Goo’ Salve or Lotion, Tatwax Salve, or Organic Coconut Oil (only try this if you have previous experience with it on open wounds in the past) works best, but each individual heals differently and has different reactions to different creams/oils depending on where the tattoo is done.
Do NOT use Polysporin as it will pull the ink out of the tattoo (unless the tattoo was kept unclean and got an infection, then you must use the Polysporin to fight the infection – contact me first)!
You can also use a non-petroleum based unscented lotion.
Gently pat the ointment on the tattoo, or rub in lightly, not too hard or you will irritate it.

Apply whatever treatment you chose AFTER the first 36-48 hours approximately 3 times per day (listen to your body if you need it more or less. You want it to dry out a bit but not so much it cracks).
Too much ointment will only suffocate the tattoo and liquefy any scabs that may have formed causing the ink to fall out and look blotchy.

If you need to protect your new tattoo from outside elements that could irritate your tattoo (ie, while at your job – unsanitary conditions), you can purchase non-adherent gauze pads from your local pharmacy with medical tape (or even better, check out Starkman’s Medical Supply on Bathurst St for the larger tattoos, Shopper’s Medical Supply locations or Amazon have large gauze as well).

Apply a thin layer of the ointment you choose to use during the healing process and every few hours, replace the bandage after giving it a rinse and pat dry. It is recommended that you do not keep your tattoo covered for long periods as letting it breathe is crucial for a speedy recovery.

A thin layer of skin eventually peels off very similar to a sunburn (do not peel your tattoo, you will pull the ink out!) and it is normal to see small flakes of coloured skin falling off during this stage of healing. It will look as if the colour isn’t as bright as when you first got the tattoo, once it is completely healed and moisturized, the colour will go bright once again – especially once moisturized.

***If your new tattoo seems angry (excess redness after a couple of days, feels hot and sore, this could mean possible infection), I HIGHLY recommend to gently dab diluted (with water) Tea Tree Oil on a cotton swab over your tattoo. It is a natural antiseptic that works wonders and can save your tattoo from further problems and losing any ink. Do this a few times a day until the redness goes down then switch to a light lotion. PLEASE contact me immediately if you suspect infection or have any concerns.

***During the first few days, you will want to sleep on a dark towel or change to dark bed sheets if you do not apply gauze as the fresh ink can transfer and will stain your sheets/clothing.

DO NOT pick any scabs whatsoever!!!
If you follow the above instructions you should not have any problems with your tattoo!

Remember, no matter what, your body will heal. Touch ups are always available within 30 days of original procedure at no cost to you- unless, of course, you abused the tattoo or did not follow the aftercare instructions properly (I will be able to tell how you took care of your tattoo just by looking at it!).
After 30 days there is a $50.00 minimum for touch ups or if you did not follow the aftercare properly (at Artist’s discretion).

Please note:
Remember that elbows, knees, hands and feet, wrists, ankles and such bodily extremities reproduce skin cells much faster than other parts of the body. A tattoo in these areas will sometimes take an extra two weeks to heal. During this time refrain from washing dishes, wearing gloves, or wearing socks and shoes (sandals must not rub the tattoo). Any friction of this type WILL wear away the tattoo within a very short period of time.
Tattoos in these areas are NOT guaranteed, as well as knees, elbows, and other areas of constant friction – THEREFORE TOUCH UPS IN THESE AREAS ARE NOT FREE.
If the tattoo starts to puss, bleeding, or scabs very badly, chances are your body isn’t reacting properly to the aftercare you’re doing. In that case, I recommend you contact me immediately.

Thank you for your business and if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me!