The Squid Inx Tattoo Studio & Rashelle strives to bring you the unique and creative custom tattoo design of your dreams!
We have all come across a moment of not knowing how to put what we have in our head, into words or paper. This is where Rashelle comes in. All you need to do is have a basic concept!

Send her an email with the following info to get the ball rolling for your custom tattoo design:

  1. General idea of content (ie. “I want a portrait of my cat” or “I want several items from my childhood that makes me happy” or “I want a back piece with a scene filled with unicorns, apes and undersea creatures!”).
  2. The placement of your tattoo (ie. Your inner forearm, back of your calf, fingers, lower back, etc).
  3. The size of your tattoo (ie. 3″x7″ as the maximum size – if you are unsure, grab a ruler or tape measure and measure the area you wish to work within).
  4. Colour or Black/Greyscale (ie. I would love a tattoo in greyscale but with a hint of colour highlights – or, I want full colour).
  5. Style of your tattoo (ie. Realism, cartoon, fine line, watercolour, etc).
  6. Please attach reference images to the email (ie. You want a lion? Find high resolution images of lions in the poses you like!)
  7. Your availability (ie. I’m available Mondays and Fridays anytime of the day!).
  8. Do you have any allergies (including to pets) or are on any medication? (Please list this as it can affect your tattoo!)

With all this necessary information, it will lead to a quicker process for to create your custom design.
You’ll be notified of the custom artwork fee amount once this info has been received – please Interac E-transfer this amount along with your deposit (see Q & A page for more details) to secure your booking and to get your custom artwork on the go.
You do not have to send your deposit if you prefer to wait until you see the custom design.

The custom artwork fee ONLY covers up to TWO changes/alterations to your design.
Therefore you need to provide as much details and reference images in your email to prevent miscommunication. After the two changes, if you require more, another custom artwork fee applies. This covers the time it takes to create your artwork – and don’t forget that your artwork will always remain yours, never duplicated.

As of January 2023: The new deposit amount is $200 and is NON-REFUNDABLE. You may transfer this deposit to another booking date providing you have given a minimum of SEVEN (7) BUSINESS DAYS notice. Anything less, you will need to send another deposit in order to book.

As of April 25th, 2022: I will no longer be accepting tattoos that are smaller than 2″x2″ unless you are a repeat customer coming for a larger piece, if it is a mini portrait or knuckle tattoos. There is now a $200 minimum no matter the size of the tattoo. Some exceptions on size may  be made, simply email Rashelle and ask.

NEW CLIENTS: You will be required to schedule a Zoom meeting consultation as your first appointment in order to book. This is to ensure we are a right match as artist and client, as well as making sure all info in regards to policies, aftercare and custom designs are covered. As per previous in person consults, the fee is $20 for up to 30 minutes to be sent at time of booking via Interac Etransfer.
I require government proof of vaccination to be emailed prior to booking an appointment (NO EXCEPTIONS!).
I also require face masks to be worn during the entirety of your appointment. Of course, I will wear one too. There is hand sanitizer available in the studio, washroom and the front door.
Please understand that a separate deposit for each individual is required.
The Studio is closed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & weekends.
Business hours are from 1-6:30pm.


RECEIVE 15% OFF ALL CEPHALOPOD TATTOOS! (This means tattoos of squid, octopi, or cuttlefish only!)
In order to receive this discount, simply email Rashelle and add “CEPHALOPOD” in the subject line!

*Always in effect: The Squid Inx Tattoo Referral Program – Receive 10% off your next tattoo (up to 50% – not including full sleeves or large pieces of the sort) off with each successful referral you send this way as a thanks for your support!

Visit for GIFT CERTIFICATES or email directly!