Please read this important Q & A before booking:


Q. What form of equipment sterilization does this studio use?

A. I use single-use disposable rotary cartridges ONLY.

Q. Can I stop by/walk-in without an appointment?

A. Unfortunately, no. The Squid Inx Tattoo Studio is by appointment only, no exceptions.

Q. Where is the Studio located?

A. Located in the Main & Danforth neighbourhood, a 5 minute walk from Main Street Subway station.

You’ll be sent the exact address once your booking is confirmed.

Q. Do you accept tips/gratuity?

A. It’s the service/art industry, so I sure do! Gratuity is ALWAYS appreciated! Thank you!
I also always love a good review on under the reviews section.

Q. Are your rates hourly or flat?

A. Flat rate are provided for smaller pieces, and hourly for larger (such as sleeves – $165.00/hr).
You are welcome to split cost per session if you require multiple for flat rates.  Fix-up or Cover-up tattoos (old tattoos you wish to redo or cover up) is charged at a rate of $180.00/hr.

As of January 2023: The new deposit amount is $200 and is NON-REFUNDABLE. You may transfer this deposit to another booking date providing you have given a minimum of SEVEN (7) BUSINESS DAYS notice. Anything less, you will need to send another deposit in order to book.

As of April 25th, 2022: I will no longer be accepting tattoos that are smaller than 2″x2″ unless you are a repeat customer coming for a larger piece, if it is a mini portrait or knuckle tattoos. There is now a $200 minimum no matter the size of the tattoo. Some exceptions may be made, simply email Rashelle to ask.

Q. How much is the consultation fee and do I need to book a consultation?

A. $20 per person for an up to 30 minute consultation. If you bring a friend, they must pay as well since they will be given the same information. *Due to COVID, in person consultations are not permitted to minimize exposure. Zoom consultations can be arranged instead. This is required and mandatory for all new clients to ensure we are a good fit and that all necessary information is covered.

Q. What are you doing in order to keep everyone safe during the pandemic?

A. I require government proof of vaccination to be emailed prior to booking an appointment (NO EXCEPTIONS!).
I also require face masks to be worn during the entirety of your appointment. Of course, I will wear one too. There is hand sanitizer available in the studio, washroom and the front door.

Q. Is parking available?

A. Street parking and driveway parking is available depending the time of your appointment.

Q. How much is the artwork fee for custom designs?

A. It depends on detail, size, placement and difficulty. Artwork fees can range from $25 for small designs up to $100+ for larger designs such as sleeves, back pieces, etc. You will be quoted an artwork fee once all necessary info is sent via direct email. Once the payment is received (depending on how busy the queue is), you will be sent a quote once the design is approved by you. Sorry but only very general quotes can be provided before the custom artwork has been completed.

Q. What is the Studio minimum price for a tattoo?

A.  As of April 25th, 2022: I will no longer be accepting tattoos that are smaller than 2″x2″ unless you are a repeat customer coming for a larger piece, if it is a mini portrait or knuckle tattoos. There is now a $200 minimum no matter the size of the tattoo.
Good tattoos aren’t cheap, and cheap tattoos aren’t good! I will try to keep within your budget if it is reasonable.

Q. Can I take pain meds, or drink alcohol to calm my nerves/ease the pain before/during the tattoo session?

A. Absolutely NOT. If I suspect you are intoxicated in any way, I reserve the right to reschedule/cancel and you will automatically lose your deposit. This is no joke. This is for your safety, mine and the health/quality of your tattoo.
Please avoid drinking caffeine before your session as well, since it will affect your nerves and the ability for you to properly relax/stay still.

Q. Is there a deposit required to book a tattoo session?

A. Yes. $200 which will be deducted from your total quote at the end of your last session (if you have multiple), providing you are not a no-show or cancel/reschedule with less than 7 business days notice and without a doctor’s note. It will then become non-refundable – no exceptions. This is to cover the basics of the financial loss of that day. All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE no matter the reason – you are welcome to transfer the deposit to another date providing you have given enough notice (see above).

Q. What forms of payment can I use?

A. Interac Instant Email Money Transfer to or cash (E-transfter is always preferred).
Credit is available through the Square Up reader at a 3% charge with advance notice (set up time may be required as this is a rare form of payment used by clients).
Sorry, no personal cheques.

Q. What form of aftercare do you provide and suggest?

A. See the Aftercare section on this website for full details. My number one recommendation these days is Eucerin lotion (regular or eczema).
It is best to have your aftercare ready before your appointment in case stores are closed after.

Q. I want a large tattoo that will take multiple sessions and could potentially cost a fair bit, can I make a larger deposit or make advance payments?

A. Sure. However, payments will become non-refundable after 4 months of payment date if not cashed out. Sorry, no exceptions.

Q. Can I bring a friend for support to my tattoo session?

A. Please ask first, as The Studio has limited space and the fewer distractions while tattooing, the better for the both of us.
***During this unfortunate time of the current pandemic, only you are allowed in the studio to keep things safer.

This can be arranged, however separate deposits are required.

Q. Does getting tattooed hurt?

A. Of course it does! But some places on your body hurt much less than others and vise versa. A good way to feel the potential difference is to take your fingernail and scratch one area on your body such as your outer bicep, then try your rib cage. Then imagine that intensified by at least five. For some, an upper back can hurt more than lower, a wrist can be excruciating or a breeze. Everyone is different. Tattoos hurt but if they were unbearable, people wouldn’t get them.

Q. Is there a way I can prepare myself before the tattoo to deal with the pain?

A. Yes! You can eat a full healthy meal, drink lots of water, practice breathing slowly on a 3-count in and out of your nose (not mouth…and trust me, this REALLY helps!), get a good night’s sleep and don’t party the night before your tattoo session as drugs and alcohol thin your blood.
Remember coffee will only get your nerves going, so it’s best to avoid stimulants as well as cigarettes. No, you cannot have a cigarette break during your tattoo session – please wait until you leave as I am allergic to smoke/heavy scents.

Q. Do you have a specialty?

A. I can do pretty much any style from painted brush strokes, to realism/portraits, colour, greyshade, no outlines, watercolour, Trash Polka, black line work, fine detail, Japanese, pointillism, surrealism, comics/cartoons and more. Just ask! I have been a Multimedia Artist for my entire life. Try me, I love a good challenge. If I had to pick, I’d say anything with fine detail.

Q. Do you sell gift certificates?

A. Sure do! Simply email me the amount, the name of the recipient, if you would like to add a personal message, and I can either email it directly to the recipient (provide their email address), or to you. Please specify the occasion (i.e. Hannukah/XMas, B-day, Anniversary, Spring Solstice, etc.).

Q. I sort of know what I want as a tattoo but don’t know if it will work or how to put it together. Can you help me?

A. That’s my job! Just inquire with as much info as you can and/or set up a consult and we’ll make your tattoo ideas happen.

Q. What’s your touch-ups policy?

A. Free within 30 days of your new tattoo providing it is not an issue of picking your scabs, using incorrect aftercare (or none at all), if you haven’t read the Aftercare Instructions provided on this site, or at my discretion. Otherwise, it is a $65 minimum for touch-ups as well as touch ups on non-guaranteed areas such as hands, feet, knees, & elbows.

Q. I’ve sent you some referrals, do you have an incentives program?

A. Yes! 10% off your next tattoo for each successful referral. Add ‘em up for a larger discount up to 50% off as a way for me to say “Thank you!!”. Please note it is your responsibility to keep track of your referrals.

Q. I’m scared sh*tless! Help!!

A. Don’t be. I’ve been doing this for almost two decades. I provide either a large selection of music to sooth your nerves, a large screen TV with Netflix/Crave/PrimeVideo to distract you during your session, or I can make calming, soothing sounds of the ocean in your ear as I tattoo you with your soon to be work of body art. Follow the prep instructions provided in this Q&A and you’ll be just fine.

Q. What kind of clothing should I wear to the tattoo session?

A. Loose fitting, comfortable clothing, please. Remember there is a possibility of ink splashing on your clothes near the tattoo site. As I do my best to ensure a splatter-proof barrier, don’t wear your favourite shirt/pants/undies to the session. Tattoo ink, believe it or not, is permanent. Ladies, if you are getting your upper body tattooed near your bra lines, wear none if you can, or a loose fitting/strapless bra. Remember not to sleep on white or light coloured bed sheets for the next few days after your session as the ink WILL stain your sheets!

Q. Should I shave the area we’ll be tattooing before our session?

A. Yes, please! Use warm water, soap or shaving cream and be gentle to ensure you don’t give yourself razor burn. Please shave at least an extra inch around the area in case we decide to shift the placement. If you don’t have a razor at home or are coming straight from work, don’t worry, I’ve got disposable razors here. Please don’t shave in the morning if you don’t plan to show up til many hours later – tattooing over stubble is next to impossible.

Q. Will my custom design that I paid for ever be used again for someone else?

A. NEVER. Period. That’s apart of your custom artwork fee.

Q. Do you have a phone number that I can call?

A. Sorry, no. Only email, please and thank you. I will do my best to reply promptly.

Q. How long is the wait to get tattooed by Rashelle?

A. The wait can be as soon as a couple of weeks or as long as a month or two depending on the time of year/season. Please email me to find out the current wait time. Times are not guaranteed. If you have open availability, please let me know in case there is a cancellation, I can book you in last minute (this doesn’t apply if you don’t have a design ready to go).

Q. Is the Studio wheelchair accessible?

A. There are no stairs once inside, however to gain access to the front entrance there are about 4 steps with a porch. If you had someone there to help, it shouldn’t be too difficult to access.

Q. Is it okay to ask questions about the process during the tattoo session?

A. Ask away!

Q. What are your hours of operation?

A.  NEW HOURS OF OPERATION:  The Studio is closed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & weekends.
Business hours are from 1-6:30pm. (If you are coming from out of town, I can make exceptions for weekends if booked enough in advance.)

Q. I don’t see my question answered here. How do I get in contact with Rashelle?

A. Please email and I’ll do my best to answer all your questions in a timely manner.